CCTV grant scheme focuses on fighting rural crime

A grant-aid scheme to set up CCTV systems in neighbourhoods has been announced by Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald who said she hoped the plan would help rural communities affected by crime.

Under the scheme, eligible community groups can apply for grant aid of up to 60 per cent of the total capital cost of a proposed CCTV system, up to a maximum grant of €40,000.

Upon approval, the applicant will receive an upfront payment of 50 per cent of the grant with the balance to be paid when the system is fully operational.

In order to qualify for the scheme, applicants must be approved by the local joint policing committee, and comply with the CCTV code of practice which sets out the conditions which must be adhered to.

The code of practice says each local authority must undertake to act as a “data controller” which nominates a “manager or designated person” who will have responsibility for ensuring the proper operation of the system.

Respect for people’s privacy where no criminal offence is being committed should be of “primary consideration”. It is not permitted to use the cameras to look into any premises, be they public houses, shops, business premises or private dwellings.

It further stipulates that signs should be placed in the area so people are aware that they are entering a district which is covered by a CCTV system.

Data protocol

Images should not be retained by the data controller for longer than is necessary, and should be erased after a period of 31 days unless required by the Garda for evidence or the investigation of offences.

Ms Fitzgerald said some of the key objectives of the scheme would be to enhance existing policing provision within communities, and to assist in the prevention and reduction of local crime, disorder and anti-social activity.

Furthermore, she said, the scheme could “increase community involvement in the provision of legitimate, integrated responses to prevent and reduce crime in local areas in association with appropriate agencies”.

“I am very conscious of the value that communities, especially rural communities, place on CCTV as a means of deterring crime and assisting in the detection of offenders,” she said.

It is intended the scheme will run for three years with funding of €1 million being made available each year.

Modern policing

Irish Rural Link chief executive Séamus Boland said CCTV “adds to the modern-day policing of crime”.

“It’s another tool that’s there,” he said. “It brings us beyond the debate in relation to rural Garda stations. It was always too simplistic to talk about opening and closing stations. This is a much more community-based approach.”

Three years ago in Dunmore, Co Laois, 20 cameras were placed at seven locations on every road in and out of the area. Dunmore Community Alert secretary Barry Foley said the cameras have “pushed crime right out”.

“At our last agm, our local sergeant came in to thank us because although some crimes had been committed outside our area, the evidence from the camera placed the perpetrators in the vicinity,” he said.

“We have little or nothing going on in our area because of the CCTV. It’s been a huge success. It’s good for everyone.”


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Five Reasons to Consider GME Security Camera Systems for Business

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When you are selecting a security camera systems for business you may be concerned about the technology’s usefulness as your needs evolve or your business expands. At GME Security we supply high-quality security camera systems for business applications that can be easily modified or expanded upon. This is advantageous because it means that as the coverage area of your property begins to expand you can make an easily make adjustments to your system. Our team at GME Security can help you find security camera systems for business applications that will meet all your current needs while also having the ability to grow alongside your company.

Crime Deterrence

Most individuals can agree that the main application of security camera systems for business is to provide your company’s property with protection. Business owners and entrepreneurs tend to place a good amount of effort into the protection of their company’s locale and assets. Security camera systems for business have been proven to be highly effective forms of crime deterrence. This is an excellent feat to receive from security camera systems for business because it means that the presence alone of you professional CCTV technology can be enough to drive away significant amounts of criminal activity and vandalism. Having an effective method of crime deterrence through security camera systems for business gives you peace mind. GME Security understands that criminals are consistently on the lookout for the easiest target. Having professional security camera systems for business installed is one of the most sure fire methods of protecting companies.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Insurance costs are a big factor in the decision of integrating security camera systems for business owners because it can mean saving a decent amount of money. Security camera systems for business is a powerful tactic in the prevention of fraudulent liability claims. Public businesses are a seen as high-risk entities when considering how vulnerable they may be to these kinds of insurance claims. Because insurance companies understand the benefits and protective qualities that security camera systems for business bring to the table for their clients many of them are willing to offer reduced liability insurance rates. Minimizing your company’s risk for liability gives you leverage for negotiation when working our rates with your insurance provider.

Remote Video Monitoring

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Remote video monitoring capabilities allow you to pair your security camera systems for business with the services of professional video monitoring companies. Digital Security Guard is a professional remote security guard provider. They offer flexible services that can provide you with an extra level of protection. Digital Security Guard employees licensed and extensively trained security guards who can monitor CCTV video camera footage in real time and deploy the proper response if there is any unwanted activity occurring. DSG can provide you with monitoring service for any sized security camera systems for business whenever you need it even if that means twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Increased Productivity

Security camera systems for business a tried and tested approach to efficiently increasing employee productivity. A common problem encountered by company owners and managers alike is keeping their work team in proper sync. The fact of the matter is that in order to receive the benefits of additional help your team members must be facing in the same direction as you. Two heads are only better than one if both partners are working toward a determined goal equally as diligently. Studies and statistics have shown us that employee monitoring through the use of security camera systems for business can have a tremendous impact on your ability as a team leader to unify your employees’ efforts.

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Security Surveillance Camera Systems

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There’s a variety of reasons to consider the integration of security surveillance camera systems onto your property. This is especially true if you are a business owner looking for an effective way to secure your company assets. At GME Security we have made it our mission to supply our customers with the best security surveillance camera systems available at the best prices possible. We carry a medley of security technology types including HD-CVI technology, HD-TVI technology, and network IP technology. At GME Security we are committed to the helping our customers feel secure and gain peace of mind. We understand the need to properly secure your property and offer our expertise and professional advice on how to about doing so. Some of the camera styles that we can supply you with here at GME Security include:

  • Bullet Cameras
  • Indoor Dome Cameras
  • Vandal Dome Cameras
  • Pan Tilt Cameras
  • Box Security Cameras
  • Hidden Cameras

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What are the Most Beneficial Surveillance Camera System Features?

A surveillance camera system is one of the most proficient security measures that you can integrate into your property. A high-quality surveillance camera system will help deter unwanted visitors and criminal activity like property invasion and theft. GME Securityserves the security industry as a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-end surveillance camera systems, CCTV technology, and quality security product accessories. Our team consists of surveillance camera system aficionados who demonstrate a passion for technology design, integration, advancements, and more. Our experiences and knowledgeable surveillance camera system engineers are consistently working toward the improvement of our product designs and their capabilities. At GME Securitywe strive to provide our clients with cutting edge security system technology products. During our years of serving the security industry, we have established close connections to some of the world’s best camera and electronics manufacturers in order to bring our camera, DVR, and other surveillance technology designs and prototypes to life. The connections that we’ve forged with the world class manufacturers who help assemble our technology allows us to offer our clientele state-of-the-art surveillance camera system at some of the best prices available in the industry.


Surveillance camera systems


There are several benefits that a high-quality surveillance camera system can provide your residential or business property with. At GME Security our goal is to make high-value security products at highly economical prices. We stand by our products with confidence, and even offer our customers lifetime U.S based technical support services when they select our team at GME Security for the provision of their surveillance camera system. We carry a wide assortment of camera styles and products; we are confident that we can pair you with the perfect surveillance camera system for your property’s specific needs. There are several secondary features that you can have integrated to consider when you are looking to integrate or modify a surveillance camera system for your home or business. Some of the best features available today for integration with a high-quality surveillance camera system include:

  • Motion Detection Capabilities
  • Night Vision
  • Wide-Range Field of View
  • Movement Cameras (Panning / Tilts)
  • Sound –  Mics and Speakers
  • High-Definition Resolution
  • Wifi Cable Systems


Motion Detection


The integration of motion detection cameras has brought numerous advantages to the security industry. Motion detection capable cameras allow property owners to receive notifications via mobile device whenever a motion detection sensor has been triggered. With a motion-detection enabled surveillance camera system, you can configure your system so that you will be notified when there’s any activity outside of normal hours. This is a simple yet very effective method of ensuring that your property is safe and that no one that shouldn’t be present is. GME Security can provide you with high-quality surveillance camera system technology and motion detection cameras.


Night Vision


In recent years night vision capabilities have become one of the most sought after surveillance camera system features among current security technology. A high-quality surveillance camera system with night vision means that you will be able to capture footage in low- to no-light situations. Having a night vision, or infrared, cable surveillance camera system is highly beneficial for the protection of residential and business properties because much of the criminal activity that occurs such as theft is planned and carried out under the cover of night. GME Security can pair you with some of the best infrared capable surveillance camera system technology in the industry.


Field of View

Motorized zoom lens capable cameras are ideal if you are looking for a surveillance camera system with a fair amount of control of your field of view. If you have been looking to get the most field of view capabilities from you surveillance camera system you should select cameras with motorized zoom lens. Field of view refers to the scope of vision that you’ll typically have over the visible world at any given point in time. For cameras, the field of view is simply the area span that the camera is able to capture with current configuration settings, applied zoom, and camera angle. A motorized zoom lens cable will give you the most control over your current field of vision in a convenient and easily accessible way.

GME Security has extensive experience helping supply full high definition security camera systems for businesses of all kinds and sizes. This means that no matter what your property’s specific needs our team can expertly work to meet them. At GME Security we fully customizable surveillance camera system packages.