Why are CCTV systems important for your business?

Integrated CCTV systems have become an essential part of every functioning business today. It is no longer enough to have a simple Intruder Alarm fitted to your building. An integrated CCTV system enables you to monitor who has access to your business and what they do when they are there. But with businesses looking closely at their outgoing expenditure, we need to ask the questions is it worth the investment? So why is CCTV important for business today?

Crime prevention

CCTV systems are the perfect deterrent against criminal activity. A burglar is much less likely to break into a premise where they are going to be caught on camera. This is especially important for small businesses which can be seen as the easiest targets, even for theft during the day in high crime areas.  A reputable security service provider will also ensure that the installation of the cameras are positioned so all black spots are covered as well as vulnerable areas of the business, giving 100% fool proof coverage at all times.

Provision of evidence

Although visible CCTV cameras can act as a deterrent for most burglars, you only have to search for ‘burglar caught on CCTV’ in Google to find plenty of real life footage of thieves who have decided to take that risk anyway. Every business, big or small, has vulnerable areas like high security storage spaces where sensitive data is stored, or simply cash registers for obvious reasons. CCTV surveillance systems enable you to ensure that these high risk areas are always protected while also providing you with invaluable evidence in the event that something does go wrong. A golden moment for CCTV was during the London riots of 2011 where police viewed over 200,000 hours of footage to go on to find over 5000 offenders. Offenders that may have not been prosecuted if it was not for CCTV.

Staff security

Safeguarding your employees is as important to our businesses as looking after the security of the business itself. CCTV encourages good behaviour, and if people believe they are protected and safe they will perform better. Having said that a recent report by the Global Retail Theft Barometer has highlighted a 7% increase in employee theft in the past year, with figures now accounting to a staggering 2 billion pounds in the UK alone. Even if the unthinkable does happen, the recorded CCTV footage will not only provide you with the evidence you need but can help prevent wrong accusation and lack of trust among all employees.

Remote access

We are constantly looking for ways to make us more efficient and with technology continuing to advance at an exponential rate, businesses are looking at what more their business security systems can offer. The introduction of the ‘Internet of Things’ means that we can already control our heating at home whilst sitting at our desk at work, instruct the coffee machine in the kitchen to make a coffee whilst we are still in bed and check to see what is in our fridge whilst we are out shopping. An attractive feature for businesses looking to invest in security systems today is the ability to access our security systems in real time remotely – we really can be in two places at once!

A realible, fully integrated and professionally fitted CCTV system is a sound investment for any business. Modern security cameras and CCTV systems allow businesses to lower cost and risk by protecting their assets with continuous and seamless monitoring of their facilities.