Security Systems For Business

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How To Choose The Best System For You

As a business owner, your mind can only be put fully at ease when you are certain that your business assets are secure from potential thefts. Whatever the size of the business, whether it is small or large, retail or commercial, it is guaranteed to have a range of valuable assets like computer systems, data and other expensive items that are at risk of theft.

According to statistics, the cost of retail theft in the UK rose to £613 million in 2015, which is three times higher of that in 2008. But it’s not just a potential break-in or burglar that is your enemy in a situation like this, it could also be your customers, employees and even your management that are remotely going behind your back. In that case, it is best to consider a security system if you don’t have one installed already. Whilst larger businesses tend to spend around 50 times more than smaller businesses do on security, small businesses should be just as prepared to protect their assets too. Because at the end of the day nobody wants to be dealing with stolen goods and dramatic insurance claims.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when installing a security system for a business.

Choosing the appropriate security systems

What are your needs for the Security systems? Before thinking about anything else, you need to discover what your needs are for the security system and what you want to achieve from your installation. Is it that you want to keep an eye on your employees to ensure they’re not stealing? Do you want to prevent intruders from entering? Or do you want to protect customers and employees for safety purposes? It is important to sit down and document your needs for the systems, even if it means bringing security experts in to help you. Once you have set your goals, you’ll begin to have an idea of what the appropriate security systems are for your company and what types of security systems you are going to install.

The different types of Security Systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems are very beneficial for all businesses, whether you run an office or own a small convenience store. I suppose you’re probably asking yourself, aren’t they expensive? Well technically yes, CCTV systems are a lot to install, but can help you save money on insurance and can also prevent a burglar or even a member of staff from stealing company goods or data. In fact, it is said that property which is monitored by CCTV surveillance is 300 times less likely to experience a break-in or theft.

There are things to consider when installing a CCTV system alone. If you would rather have a CCTV system which is out in the open rather than discrete, then the system will act as a deterrent to scare off potential burglars who wouldn’t go ahead with an act if they knew they were being watched. CCTV cameras which are out in the open are also a great way to increase your employees efficiency and productivity because their behaviour will change if they realise they’re being monitored at work.

The type of lens for your CCTV system is something to consider when installing one. The distance you want your camera to cover at a time can help you discover if you want a lens with great quality and distance to help you discover an intruder’s face. You should also consider how large of an area you wish to capture and you can do this by drawing a blueprint of the area floor to determine the section you want to cover. This will then give you an idea of the appropriate CCTV camera for you.

Access Control Systems

Another type of security system which you could install in your business is an access control system. An access control system would enable your business to control access to certain areas in the building. If your business stores a lot of valuables which are left unmonitored when the office is shut, then an access control system would be seen as a necessity to prevent theft.

An access control system can work by either a keypad, key card or even a fingerprint. If you have a small business then several key cards could be an idea, however if you have a larger business, than a fingerprint control system would be more convenient because all members of staff can obtain their own fingerprint access to the building or office. Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that keycards can be cloned or could get lost or stolen, whereas you  can’t clone a fingerprint.

Not only does this system prevent theft, but it can also help improve health and safety as intruders are denied access to entering the building, which as a whole keeps employees especially safe and secure in their place of work.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Similarly, to prevent potential break-ins from occurring you may choose to install an intruder alarm system as well as access control systems. This alarm system will work alongside the access control system and will send a signal to your telephone or a control centre as soon as the alarm has been triggered.

If you are keen on having a reliable source to make you immediately aware of any break-ins, then an intruder alarm system is also a necessity for your business to have. At the end of the day, you want to keep your data, softwares and other assets as secure as possible.

Fire Safety Equipment

In addition to the other types of security systems, another extremely important security device which a business should install is fire safety equipment. This one piece of equipment is an absolute must, simply to ensure health and safety of employees.

If your business doesn’t already have fire safety equipment installed, then you should really re-evaluate your overall security. If your business has a lot of fire hazards, then installing fire alarms and other fire prevention systems can instantly help you to eliminate the chance of a huge fire breakout.

How do these Security systems integrate together?

The whole point of you installing a security system in your business would ultimately be to protect your employees and customers as well as your company’s assets. Although installing one type of security system can hugely benefit your business, installing the whole range of security systems can secure your business to the max. Each system works in tandem with one another to provide your business with guaranteed safety and security. This is one of the ultimate things you need to consider when thinking about installing security for your business. Do you just want to keep an eye on activity with CCTV cameras? Or do you want the correct intruder restriction system alongside the alarm system to completely narrow down the possibility of a potential burglar even getting into your workplace? On top of that, do you want to have the correct fire safety so that these burglar-driven-items neither get stolen nor burnt out?

Are the security systems legal?

One final thing to look out for when installing the most appropriate security system for your business is if the security company is legally licensed in your state. The last thing you want to do is purchase a security system for your business that is a legal issue. 


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